Communication Antennas

   Body Worn Antenna
body worn antenna
Model: KSA-BW-2450
  • Covert
  • Radiates in two directions
  • 4db Gain
  • Circular polarized Design
  • Matched Design
This new antenna was designed for body worn video transmitters. The antenna and coupler are placed into a jacket where one antenna faces forward and the other faces toward the back. The antenna coupler divides the power from the 1/4 watt video transmitter so that the receiver has a better chance of picking up the video signal from the target.

The circular polarization of the signal pattern cuts down on multipath signals generated by standard linear antennas. Thus, a cleaner video signal is recorded.

The 10db front to back ratio of the antenna allows the signal to be radiated away from the body so that greater ranges may be obtained.