Communication Antennas

   Wireless Antennas
   Video Microwave Antenna:
Video Microwave Antenna
Model: KSA-RM Series

These antennas are industry leading models in our wide-band antenna line. The stud mount style can be mounted on any vehicle, container or bulkhead. The rugged design is excellent for industrial applications, yet attractive for consumer use. Magnetic mount versions offer semi-per-manent or noninvasive installation options.

The stud mount design use a 5/8" (16mm) feed thru for securing to the vehicle. Alternatively, a longer direct cable can be supplied upon request. For longer cable runs, ower loss RF-195 cable may be substituted (option). Antenna performance is 5 dBi (peak gain) for the RM Series, with no ground plane required for proper operation. The antennas can even be mounted on fiberglass or plastic housing and meet electrical specifications.

The wideband models RMM-WHF & MGRM-WHF can operate over the entire frequency range of 1.7-6 GHz. These wideband models can be used for 802.11 a/b/g/n, AWS, WIMAX and 4.9 Public safety, just to name a few. The RM Series antenna radome consists of black resistant plastic with a heavy metal base.

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   RHCP Microwave Antenna:
RHCP Microwave Antenna
Model: KSA-14-17RHCP
This new antenna was designed for video down link systems and point to point communications. The right hand circular polarization reduces multipath signal problems and interferience from other microwave systems. The 14 dBi gain and allows for extended paths lenghts between antennas. The narrow beam width reduces the potential intercept from unauthorized receivers. The antenna is available in two seperatefrequency ranges.

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   Right Hand Circular Polorized Antenna:
Circular Polorized Antenna
Model: KSA-10CP-2450
This new antenna is great for covert surveillance operations. It is small, and when attached to our suction cup camera mount, make for a quick and easy setup. This mount is highly recommended for all our "Grab and Go" cases.

Suction cup mount: $145.00
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   Sectorized Omni Antenna:
Sectorized Omni Antenna
Model: SOD14-2400 RCP
or LPC $1,995
This new antenna was originally designed as a helicopter tracking antenna. when used with our new diversity receivers, (3ea.) the system can track a helicopter up to a distance of 35 miles. Small cities with a central dispatch or office can follow their helicopter or some ground operations in direct view of the transmitter.
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   Spiral Antenna 4 dB:
spiral antenna
Model: KSA-4-2450
The Best medium range Omni available. This 4 dB gain wide band (1.7 Ghz to 2.7 Ghz) RHCP log spiral antenna is ideal for airborne and mobile vehicle reception/transmission. It has a hemispherical radiation pattern allowing it to look out as well as directly up or down. RHCP dramatically limits multipath interference.
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   12dB Gain Omni Directional Antenna:
Omni directional antenna
Model: KSA-12-2450
This antenna was designed of high gain receive operations. Best used with multipoint transmitters on the same vertical plane.
   9 dB Gain Directional Antenna:
Directional antenna
Model: KSA-9D-2450 or 1800 or 5.7
The directional antenna is used for maximum antenna energy directed in one direction to extend the range of video link and reduce interception. This antenna is great for receiving video signals on covert operations.
   14 dB Gain Directional Antenna:
Directional antenna
Model: KSA - 14D-2450 or 1800
For maximum gain, this antenna is great for point to point operations and receive applications. When coupled with antenna phasing networks, many antennas can be phased toghether to obtain desired antenna patterns for receiving video signals from helicopters. Recommended for body worn applications.
   4 dB Gain Patch Antenna:
Patch antenna
Model: KSA-4P-2450
Small gain patch antennas are used for body worn operations and flat covert concealments. Antenna show with a 2 antenna coupler. The coupler allows two antennas to be coupled to a transmitter so that the radiated pattern can go in two different directions at the same time. Normally used with body worn transmitters.
The PS-2400 Coupler: $125.
KSA-4P-DUAL-2450: $250
   30 dB Gain Antenna:
Model: KSA-30-2450
This antenna is used for long range video links and GPS (helicopter) tracking systems.