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   Police Video Link Antenna

police video link antenna
Model: KSA-4-CPRH
  • Designed for Police Cars
  • Designed for Police Cars
  • Upward looking Antenna
  • Circularly Polarized to minimize local interference.
  • Low Profile for car wash
  • Available in Dual band with GPS
  • Easy Mounting
  • Perfect for Covert mounting
  • Available in Blk, White, or Gray

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Police Video Link Antenna
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These antenna are tough all around performers. The surface mount single band and dual band antennas are very low profile, perfect for any vehicle, cargo trailers and more.

Models include a single band C.P. 2.4 GHz only version, as well as dual band C.P. 2.4 GHz & GPS antennas. The dual band 2.4 GHz & GPS versions allow multiband operation for a variety of Surveillance / AVL applications. Separate cabling is provided for the GPS and 2.4 GHz interface. The design uses a 5/8" feed thru for securing to the vehicle. Access to the underside of the body surface is required to complete the installation. On both models, the antennas are outfitted with 6 inches of RG-188 cable with a SMA connector for 2.4 GHz. For the dual band model, the GPS interface has 15 feet of RG-174 cable with an SMA connector. Other cable lengths and connectors are available, please consult factory for details. GPS performance is 27 dB, with 5 dBi antenna gain.

The GPS circuit has a low noise figure (2.0 dB max) with excellent filter characteristics. Power for the GPS amplifier (+5 VDC) and signal is applied through the same cabling directly to the GPS circuit