audio surveillance

Bait & Special Audio Products

   VHF Remote Control Kill Switch:
remote control kill switch
Model: RSW-200
This special radio control R.F. switch is used to turn on or off a function at a remote location by using DTMF signaling. A four digit security code must be transmitted to activate the switch.
   3 Wire FBI Covert Shroud:
3 wire FBI covert shroud
Model: PW0300
The three wire shroud is the workhorse of surveillance personnel protection. With the Mini-Mike lapel microphone, wire announcer-style earpiece, the penant-style PTT switch, this unit allows for discrete communications while in public situations.
   2 Wire Covert Shroud:
covert shroud
Model: PW0200
This unit was built to work with the stealth wireless in the ear receiver. Completely covert, the high sensitivity condenser microphone built into the transducer eliminates the third wire required when separate Mini-Mike and earpiece are used. System supplied with earpiece and shroud.
   The "Whisper Microphone" :
whisper microphone
Model: 892
The "Whisper Microphone" can be used in many applications. Interrogation rooms are perfect for this unit. Also, it is used by SWAT teams, placing the microphone under the door to get voice information during a hostage situation. Excellent for body worn recorders.
   Ear Receiver:
ear receiver
Model: ES-MUR002
This on ear receiver is designed to bring the full range of voice communications from the radio to your ear. The receiver fits comfortably on the ear and can be worn for hours without distraction. Standard units are supplied with 2.5mm or 3.5mm plugs. Other configurations available.