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   FCC Rules on Body Wires and Repeaters:
A police licensee may use, without special authorization from the commission, any mobile service frequency between 40 and 952 MHz, for communication in connection with physical surveillance, stakeouts, raids, and other such activities. Such use shall be on a secondary basis to operations of licensees regularly authorized on the assigned frequencies.

The maximum output power that may be used for such communications is 2 watts.
Ref: FCC part 90, Sub B, 90.20 Page 273.

   Portable 2 Watt Repeater:

Model: KSRP-005
Now, for the first time, a low cost cross band repeater designed for law enforcement use. Easy to use, just plug in 12 Vdc and your Motorola portable radio and you are on the air. Other radio interfaces available on request. If your department is on a 800 Mhz trunking system and you want to re-broadcast your body wire transmitter, this is the product that will do the job.

This comes complete with antenna and power cables.

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KSRP-005 Manual
   Portable 2 Watt Repeater:
Portable 6 Watt Repeater
Model: ECHO 6
The Echo 6 is the work horse of all portable repeaters. It comes complete with 2 channel option, rechargeable battery, antenna, and waterproof Pelican case. Ideal for all operations. Optional scrambler and crossband operation.

PDF Spec Sheet

detail of 6 watt repeater