Surveillance Cameras

   Body Worn Camera Equipment

   Body Worn Button Hole Camera Kit:

Model: KSC-BH-2


This new Camera/DVR system is ideal for covert surveillance of taking video/audio evidence in the field. The camera/microphone fit just behind the button, easy to install. The DVR may be used separately in other operations. The remote control makes it very easy to turn on the recorder from your pocket. When activated, it vibrates in a very short burst, to let you know that it is recording. The unit is shipped with two packages of buttons and a couple of screw heads. A wall charger is further supplied to charge the battery as well as a USB cable that plugs into your computer.

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   Key Fob Camera:
Key Fob Camera
Model: KSC-KF-3


This new surveillance key fob is one of the latest methods of recording both video and audio with one single unit. Now, in high resolution in both video and photo operations. The Resolution may be set by the operator. The built-in battery is a high-capacity lithium. For video, the battery is good for an hour plus.

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