Surveillance Cameras

   Camera Concealment's

smartcam covert camera
 Camera Version
MODEL # KSC-SmartCam (Outdoor)
     SmartCam with Wi-Fi Logger : Stranger Detector (TM) locating system detects patterns of presence of persons whose identities are unknown, passively receiving WiFi probes from mobile devices within approx. 150 feet, intended for low to medium WiFi traffic areas

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     Automatic Smart Phone Wi-Fi Logger/Camera : covert camera interior use
Available in Camera Version - No Camera Version
MODEL # KSCL-100 (Inside Building
For use in offices, lobbies, and interview rooms, etc., where limited numbers of mobile devices are present at any one time. Requires use of wired local area network with connection to Internet. Single network cable with Passive Power-Over-Ethernet provides LAN connection and power.

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     Automatic Smartphone Wi-Fi Logger : covert detector waterproof
No Camera
MODEL # KSWF-101 (Weather Proof)
Provides Boundless’ Stranger Detector(tm) locating system outdoors WITHOUT VIDEO. Requires use of wired local area network with conection to Internet. Single cable with Passive Power-Over-Ethernet provides LAN connection and power. An external, indoor AC/DC wall wart power supply (provided) plugs into a Passive PoE Injector (provided) that is placed in series with customer’s network connection to the unit.

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     Automatic Smart Phone Wi-Fi Logger/Camera : covert logger camera
Standard, high density polyethylene orange Plastic traffic barrel with 4” orange and white reflective bands, modified for use with Boundless’ Emendable Smart uPTZ Camera. The combination provides a covert, battery powered, outdoor video surveillance system in a Traffic barrel that is accessible via the Internet and a cellular network.

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     Motion Activated PIR/DVR Camera: covert color camera
Model: KSC-32
This Camera/DVR is ideal for many surveillance applications. The DVR records both video and audio with up to a 32Gb SD memory card for hours of easy viewing. When programmed to the motion detection mode, days of recording maybe seen.

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     Covert Color Camera - Low Resolution: covert color camera

Model: KSC-PIR/C
This PIR covert camera looks like a normal PIR found in many buildings. The field of view is straight forward and requires lower level installation in small rooms. Camera operates from 12Vdc with .5 lux sensitivity. Unit comes with one build-in microphone.

     Covert Thermostat Camera: covert thermostat camera

Model: KSC-45/C
This new covert camera has lots of possibilities; interrogation rooms, hotel rooms, and office operations. This unit is a color camera that may also be fitted with a small 1/4 watt video transmitter. Built-in microphone.

Built-in microphone. optional 
     AC Outlet Camera with Optional Microphone: AC outlet camera

Model: KSC-1247AC
Our new KSX-1247 AC outlet covet camera is the latest in high tech design. The camera looks out through the ground lug hole in the middle of the plate. The bottom hole serves as a mounting place for the microphone. For standard operations, the outlet is mounted about 4.5' from the floor. A 1/4 watt video transmitter may also be mounted to the outlet.
     Camera/DVR Clock Radio: dvr clock radio camera
Model: KSCR-100

This new surveillance system incorporates Sony's new high resolution pinhole camera. Now, here is a low cost portable Interrogation Room recording system or used as a back up system. It also could be used as a Room Observer with video motion detection, recording only when someone walks into the room. Another application could be for drug buys in hotel rooms.

At the end on the operation, plug in a monitor and play back the video and audio. Use the memory card for your case file or burn it to a CD.

The remote control is used for setting the OSD file and play back. Protect your office, a room, or any hall way, etc.!!

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     Polecam from Covert-Systems: video surveillance pole camera

Model: VPC-2450
The VPC-2450 Video Surveillance Pole Camera System is a complete video microwave camera disguised as a standard 25KVA utility pole transformer. The camera, pan & tilt, and zoom lens are controlled by a hand held transmitter with push buttons that control all the functions. The standard watt transmitter gives about a one mile range. Options include: color camera, switching directional antennas, five watt transmitter, and other cameras & lenses.