Surveillance Cameras
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Converter

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Converter

  • Analog or Network Cameras - Inputs
  • Video & Audio Recording
  • Quick Deployment
  • Plug & Play
  • Up to 2 TB Optional Drive
  • Play Back Built-in
  • USB Port for Quick Down Load
  • H-264 Format
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This DVR converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution surveillance system. The analog A/V signal from the camera is captured, compressed and stored to an external USB storage media using H.264 video and MP3 audio formats.

When an IP camera is connected to an KSR-HDVR, all of its features are retained, and the IP camera can be fully controlled through its own PC/Mac application in a transparent manner. The DVR further adds to the functionality of the IP camera by offering the store and forward A/V stream feature. It records the Motion JPEG video stream of an IP camera along with its audio footage to an external USB storage device connected to the DVR. The stored contents can be streamed in H.264 format, for remote viewing.