Surveillance Cameras
lens demonstration

   Zoom & High Power Camera Lenses

   Long Range Surveillance Lens:

Model: KSL-55
Call for price

This is a long range lens designed for surveillance
applications. This lens will fit into our periscopes with no problem. On the R5, please specify the manual iris option.

With use of Photoshop youe can zoom in closer
to the target.

Download - Specifications PDF file

   Zoom Lens 15 mm to 300 mm F3.6 - Electronic:
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Model: KSL-15x300
This is the latest long range lens that is compatible with our PTZ-357 Pan & Tilt. This lens when used with a 1/2" chip camera, with have a zoom range of 15 to 300 MM, and when used with a 1/3 chip camera will have a zoom range of 22 to 435 MM. And when used with the new 1/4" chip cameras, the zoom range is 30 to 600 mm.
A must for surveillance kits.

This 15X300mm surveillance lens shown with our
KSC-7000c low light, high resolution camera.
   Long Range Lens, 1280mm and 2000mm:
long range lens
Model: 718 or 719

This 9" Schmidt-Cassegrain optical assembly with a 35mm camera adapter or a "C" mount for the night vision tubes, makes a great surveillances at one mile or more. Call for details.

Only ONE in stock!
Special Price: $500.00.

   Portable Pinhole Wall Lens Kit:
portable pinhole wall lens kit
Model: 475

This kit comes complete to install cameras in hotel rooms and offices that have drywall walls. The kit has a circular saw that matches the jigs that hold the camera in place. A special drill bit matches the pinhole lens nose to make a perfect fit into the wall.

Only ONE in stock!
Special Price: $500.00.

   Lens Doubler:
lens doubler

Model: KSL-2X
Lens doublers are extremely helpful where your present lens just won't reach out and capture the picture required.