Surveillance Cameras

   Pan and Tilt Plus Accessories

   High Power PTZ IP Camera:
pzt camera IP
Model: KSC-HC

This new surveillance system incorporates Sony's Wide dynamic range camera mounted in a housing that pans 360 degrees continuously. The unit is fully water proof so it can be mounted outside in the standard environment. The zoom range will blow your mind over other claiming the same range. We will be modifying this unit for real covert operations. Just keep checking our website. We will be expanding the software for mobile operations.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Portable Camera/PTZ Controller Intercepter Series:
Portable Camera/PTZ Controller
Intercepter Series

Now, for the first time, a portable camera/PTZ controller with built-in codes. Ready to use. This unit allow a quick checkout of cameras and PTZ's that are Pelco D or P compatible before installation and after. Save time and money. This hand controller is part of our Intercepter series of camera & PTZ control using Pelco codes. Adding the Intercepter interface allow control from two-way radio, or the internet.

Just plug in a 12Vdc source and a video monitor and your system is up and running. A built in text messaging for the OSD character input makes it easy to add characters to the screen.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Light Weight Pan and Tilt:

Model: KS-H2001

The HarrisTech pan and tilt is designed for pan and tilt of small board camera or small body cameras weighing 1 kg or less. Included with the unit is a 40mm circular base plate, 18mm thick, with predrilled holes for easy fastening. Includes limit switches for both pan and tilt.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Front Pivot Pan and Tilt:

Model: KS-H2002

The front pivot pan and tilt permit the use of various lens and camera configurations through small apertures. This feature is ideal for covert or low profile applications.

This pan and tilt is designed for pan and tilt of small lipstick cameras around a front center pivot point. Good for interrogation rooms, surveillance vans, and room covert surveillance.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Front Pivot Pan and Tilt:
front pivot pan and tilt camera
Model: KS-H2004

The H2004 is a miniature front pivot pan unit for operation on 12Vdc systems. It is suitable for board or cylinder cameras with pinhole lenses. Great for Surveillance vans, Signs, Omaments, walls etc.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Center Pivot Pan and Tilt:
Center Pivot Pan and Tilt
Model: KS-H2020

The Harris Tech Pan and Tilt is designed for pan and tilt of balanced camera / lens systems weighing up to 20kg/40lbs. The weather proof design and small sturdy size lend the pan and tilts for long range applications. Using worm-gear drives with low backlash.

Ideal for vans and antenna platforms.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Hand Controller for Lens & PTZ:
Camera controller
Model: KS-H20HHC
Prices vary, see spec sheetfor details.
Call for prices.

Powered by a PP3 9V battery, it will drive the H2001, H2002, H2003 and H2004 pan & tilt units and motorised zoom lenses over cable to a distance of about 200 feet.

A potentiometer allows speed control for the motors. The H20HHC can be used in non-telemetry situations or as a set up tool to check operation, angles etc prior to telemetry connection. It has two identical output sockets for pan and tilt and lens control.

The H20HHCS controls P&T as well as the modified Sony 480/780 camera modules. The H20SD is the same as the H20HHCS but is housed in a die cast metal box making it �heavy duty'.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Camera Controller - RS-232 and DTMF:
Camera controller DTMF
Model: KS-H22

KS-H22 �Pan Tilt Focus Zoom� controller unit utilizes either DTMF tones or RS232 to control pan & tilt, auxiliary switches and Sony Block Camera functions. The 12 standard DTMF tones at earphone level will drive 12Vdc (max 400Ma) pan & tilt units, operate 1 latching & 2 momentary dry contact relay switches and control Sony Block Cameras for Focus, Zoom, Auto Focus, Night Shot, Auto Night Shot, Shutter Speed, Back Light & Mirror Image. Standard voice grade radios with DTMF keypad's, auto-answer cell phones, hard-wire link or DTMF modems can be used to convey the signal. Harris Tech have suitable Internet video servers available also.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   PTZ Hand Controller with 5.6" TFT Monitor:
Hand Controller with TFT Monitor
Model: KS-H20SDM

The H20SDM hand held controllers are designed to be used with HarrisTech pan and tilt units, Sony block cameras or any conventional motorized zoom lenses.

The H20SDM are housed in black powder coated diecast metal boxes with the functions accessed and controlled through paddle switches, a speed control potentiometer and 5 auxiliary switches with screw terminals. It also has a 5.6� TFT video monitor with a BNC video out. There are two variations on the H20SDM, the H20SDM-XLR and H20SDM-MIL.

The XLR version has XLR connectors for pan and tilt, lens and 12VDC. The MIL version has an XLR connector for 12VDC while the MIL-C connector runs pan and tilt and the camera functions.

Download - Specification page PDF file
   Pan & Tilt Built-in DTMF Decoder:
pan and tilt
Model: PTZ-357

This Pan and Tilt was designed for surveillance vans and remote control, via two-way radio. The DTMF control tones may be input by the output of a DTMF encoder from a simple telephone or radio transmitter. The lens may be plugged directly into the Pan and Tilt via the lens connector and control Zoom, focus and iris. A built-in on/off relay will supply 12Vdc to a video transmitter. Load weight is 11 lbs and 6 lbs inverted. unit weights 4.5 lbs. Complete with cables.

Download PTZ-357 PDF file (size 136KB)
   Pan & Tilt - 12Vdc:

pan and tilt
Model: PTZ-20


Our basic Pan and Tilt may be ordered without the DTMF decoder as a bare bones unit. This configuration comes with a Pan and Tilt controller cable and battery case. This unit is compatible with HDS command and control R.F. links. Weight of unit is 4 Lbs Load weight is 11 lbs (inverted 6 lbs) The unit comes with a hand controller - pan is variable speed with hand controller.
   Pan & Tilt Controller:

Model: KSE-202

This new camera controller was developed for the Federal Government to control 4 independent cameras equipped with control receivers and video microwave transmitters. This unit will control up to 4 cameras equipped with DTMF decoders or RS232C decoder. An RS232C output is supplied to control a video switcher with RS232C input.
The auto keying makes it cop proof in controlling the camera. Control up to 4 cameras on the same control frequency using our pan & tilts. Its just a matter of programming.

Download - Specification page PDF file
Download - KSE-202VC Manual PDF file (size 1,018KB)

Download - KSE-202 Manual PDF file (size 240KB)
   DTMF Encoder with PTT (Transmitter Keying):

Model: KSE-2020
This new encoder is our answer to expensive camera and pan & tilt controllers. A full 16 button encoder encased is a full metal housing for R.F. shielding, makes this encoder perfect to modulate our set of telemetry transmitters to control camera Zoom, Focus, & Iris and well as the pan and tilt plus turning on and off a remote video transmitter or other function. These units are compatible with our improved PTZ- 357 Pan & Tilt and standard DTMF decoder. Control Transmitter - VHF or UHF, 2 to 5.

Download KSE-2020 PDF file (size 48KB)
   DTMF Decoder/Controller:
decoder controller for pan and tilt
Model: KSC-TD-357-B

This DTMF decoder/controller was designed for use with your 12V dc Pan and Tilt unit and our pinhole lens unit. The unit may also be used as a zoom lens controller. Output voltages are programmable. A controlled relay will switch 12Vdc on and off.

Download KSC-TD-357 PDF file (size 212KB)
Download Manual KSC-TD-357Z PDF file (size 430KB)
   Front Pivot Camera Mount:
front pivot camera mount
Model: KSCM-10

For the first time, a low cost method of mounting a camera and zoom lens that can pivot around a small hole or slit in a wall, surveillance van, window or electrical box. Using our PTZ series of Pan and Tilt, this unit allows observation thru a small hole at =/- 45 degrees panning and =/- a vertical FOV.
Add $795 for Pan and Tilt.
   Telemetry Transceiver:
telemetry transceiver
The DTX Plus Series is ideal for any system design where high performance RF specifications, fast TX/RX attack times, and compact size are a requirement. High specifications permit integration into systems demanding the utmost performance in congested frequency environments.

Download - Specification page PDF file