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Van Air Conditioner, van para scopes, lenses, cameras, monitors and controllers on sale! Some of the equipment will be new and some refurbished as shown. Many times we get in low used equipment and can upgrade and sell at a very reduced price. Click here for details


covert camera Covert Camera with IP & Wi-Fi


This new camera system is an up-grade from our old PIR camera. Look at all the features like Wi-Fi, network, & IP addressable. It is also P2P for easy remote access. The new CMS software will allow up to 64 IP cameras. Great for interrogation rooms, police departments, & covert ops. Also, get E-mail of photos as motion detects them. The built-in IR source covers about a 10 meter area in total darkness. If you really like these features, call and let us put this system into your covert idea.

drug test kit Drug & GSR Test Kit

   NEW KIT 2014   

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) evaluated the XCAT�s performance to detect the presence of commonly encountered illicit drugs. The test included a wide range of substances including bath salts, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

monitor 4 Channel DVR with 19" Monitor for Interrogation Rooms

   NEW ITEM   

This new interrogation room recording system comes complete with everything you need to record an interview. Our PIRC-20 color camera, Whisper 1 microphone system, DVR, one TB HD, camera & microphone with 50' of cable. One video input maybe used for close up of suspect (use one of our many covert cameras) or use one of our PTZ cameras with full control from software.

Use a thumb drive to record the interview or just down load the video/audio from the hard drive.

monitor 4 Channel DVR with 19" Monitor for Surveillance Vans

   NEW ITEM   
In this model, the DVR is built-into the back of the monitor. The monitor has two mounting holes on the back for wall mounting (Supplied).

This system can be controlled from the Internet via the network connection and a cellular modem. The periscope maybe futher controlled by our KSPRC-100 periscope controller. The DVR may control two more 485 cameras via the PTZ software built-in to the DVR.

Portable Surveillance Kit Portable Surveillance Kit

   NEW ITEM   
This new surveillance kit was designed for quick set-up for the narcotics or surveillance team that can be used from a van, car, or store front operation. With one TB of storage, and a single camera will store several days of video. More...
officer safety kit Surveillance Van Officer Safety Camera Kit

   NEW ITEM   
This new camera kit system was designed to let the officers on the inside of the surveillance van know what is going on around the outside of the surveillance van. A 7" monitor/DVR is mounted next to the main viewing monitor for easy pick up. More...
Officer Safety Kit Officer Safety Kit for Narcotics Buys

The Officer Safety Kit was designed for the ultimate narcotics task force system. The kit contains the latest 1 watt body wire transmitter with a built-in digital recorder. The receiver is a portable radio with a built-in digital recorder for back up. The kit further contains the latest night vision digital pocket scope with a built-in laser illuminator and digital video recorder. In addition, we have added a high power 960 nm covert laser illuminator with variable beam width control as well as intensity. The kit is completed with a surveillance grade set of binoculars. The kit comes in a weather proof Pelican case.
LETS System
The LETS Live Audio Surveillance System

The LETS Live Audio Surveillance System is State-Of-The-Art technology, that can be used by your agency on a temporary trail basis. Although we try to make contact with everyone that registers with the website, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a demo/trial of the system.
  • Live Cover Team Audio Monitoring
  • Secure Recording and Chain of Evidence
  • Remote Access Control of Onboard Video and Audio Recording
  • Auto Answer Capable
  • GPS Locate
  • Vibration Signals for discreet CI communication
  • Competitive Pricing (Unlimited Use vs. Pay Per Minute)
  • Cover Team Talk
  • SMS and MMS Spoofing
Covert Wire Phone
LETS � 2.0 is a highly versatile technology designed to perform one party consensual call and wire recordings. LETS� uses a customized phone switch and secure web server to record calls and deliver recordings and their associated call detail records to law enforcement. LETS� is available exclusively for recognized government agencies and law enforcement departments.
Security is the top priority in everything done at LETS. That's why your recordings are not created by a third-party, unlike other products. LETS employs industry standard encryption and data handling techniques so you can rest assured that your data is secure.



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