Interrogation Rooms

   Camera Concealment's
   Application Diagram For Consealments:
Application Diagram
   Covert Color Camera:
covert color camera
Model: PIRC-20
This camera is our work horse in interrogation rooms and jails. The specifications are: 12Vdc operation; .5 lux sensitivity; auto white balance; 480+ lines of resolution, and comes complete with power supply.
   Covert Thermostat Camera:
Covert Thermostat Camera
Model: KSC-45/C
This new covert camera with a 8 or 12 mm lens has lots of possibilities; interrogation rooms, hotel rooms, and office operations. This unit comes with color or B/W cameras, and may also be fitted with a small 1/4 watt video transmitter. Built-in microphone- Optional
KSC-45/C Standard Color -- $450.00 (3.6mm)
KSC-45/C/5 with 5 mm lens -- $450.00
KSC-45/C/8 woth 8 mm lens -- $495.00
   Covert Smoke Detector:
Covert smoke detector camera
Model: KSC-10C
Our new Smoke Detector line of covert cameras are available.

Our B/W Model KSC-10B/W $350.
Color $450
   AC Outlet Camera with Optional Microphone:
AC outlet camera
Model: KSC-1247AC
Our new KSC-1247 AC outlet covert camera is the latest in high tech design. The camera looks out through the ground lug hole in the middle of the plate. The bottom hole serves as a mount place for the microphone. For standard operations, the outlet is mounted about 4.5' from the floor. A 1/4 watt video transmitter may also be mounted to the outlet. Add $250 for audio. Video Transmitter $2395
   AC Outlet Camera:

KSCC-Phone is the latest covert camera design to be used in interrogation rooms. Fitted with an 8 to 16 mm lens, a suspect's face can be photographed with ease. This camera is to be placed across from the suspect in the wall at about head height.