Interrogation Rooms

Portable Interrogation Room Recording System

Portable Interrogation Room Recording System
Model: MODEL # KSRC-INT-100
Price: $495.00

  • Video & Audio
  • AC Powered
  • Color Camera
  • 8 to 64 Hours of Recording
  • SD Card Memory
  • AVI File
  • Remote Control On/Off
  • Motion Detection
  • Date & Time Stamped
  • Audio On/Off Option
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This is a new approach to recording interviews in the SWAT vans or Command Posts. Just plug and play, and you are recording both video and audio in full color. Audio is monaural (Single Mic). Or conduct interviews in your office by just pushing one button on your remote to start the DVR. You can also use it to monitor your office when you are off station. All you have to do is turn off the audio, and you are legal.

The SD card slot is on the back side of the radio for easy access. Play back on our computer or just plug in a A/V monitor. Our A/V is only 275.00 and will monitor the interview in real time. (15" color)