Interrogation Rooms

   Interrogation Room Components
Pix-in-Pix Unit (picture in picture):
Pix-in-Pix Unit Diagram This system approach allows one camera (Camera 1) to view the complete room with a wide angle lens camera. The second camera is focused on the suspects face, so that the facial expressions may be recorded for examination or evaluation during interrogation.
Low Noise Stereo Microphone Amplifier or Monaural:

whisper micThe new Whisper II (whisper mic) is ideal for those situations where maximum noise immunity is required. It operates on external power from 6 to 15 volts and has full internal filtering and regulation. The single channel unit is only 1 x x inch. Various size boxes are available on special order. The all metal construction allows for use of our unique locking input connector and provides excellent noise immunity. Two microphones are supplied with RCA type output jacks. For interrogation room applications we suggest using our dual coax cable for ease of installation.

Price: $595.00
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Wireless Interviewing System (Witness Interview System)

This new wireless interviewing system allows someone outside the interviewing room, observing the interview, to send questions to the interviewer during the interrogation, very covertly. Basically, The interviewer wares a covert R.F. receiver on their belt or in a pocked. The receiver is attached to a covert loop that hangs around your neck under their shirt. The audio from the receiver flows through the loop around the neck and inductively couples the audio into the ear piece.

The unit has 96 channels so that more than one interview can be carried out at one time.

MODEL # KSS-WIS: Price: $795.00

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Application Specification PDF file