Surveillance For Law

   Intelligence Audio Kit
Intelligence Audio Kit

Model: KSS-20
  • 100 Channel Programmable Audio Receiver
  • 1/2 Watt Programmable Transmitter
  • Marantz Digital Recorder
  • Noise Filter
  • Synthesized Receiver
  • Meets new FCC Requirements
  • See Body Wire Options listed below
  • Repeater, Programmable
Body Wire not displayed for officer safety
This kit includes all the necessary equipment to carry out an audio body wire mission. The transmitter may be hidden any place on your person or in a room. Just use your imagination.
Kit Includes:
  • Portable Receiver Kit
  • 1/2 Watt Transmitter CST-703V
  • Antennas

 Body Wire Options:
 Any of these wires may be substituted for the one above.

 Body Wire not displayed for officer safety
 To see body wire photo's - call our office to recieve a pass code for our Title III products.
 1-603-532-4500 and be sure to call on a unblocked line from your work place.

1/2 Watt Programmable TransmitterL CST-703INT