Advanced Microwave Kit

  Portable 12Vdc Battery Pack Kit

   portable battery pack
Model: KSB-16C

  • Less than a 1/2 volt self discharge per 6 months
  • 4 ea 12Vdc outputs
  • 20 Amp/Hours
  • Built-charger
  • Digital Voltmeter

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Specifications Sheet: Portable 12Vdc Battery Pack.


This unit supplies a full 12Vdc at 20 Amp/Hours. Designed for the officer that needs a power source that can be charged from 115Ac source or on the way to a incident from the car.

The battery source has a very low self discharge rate which makes it perfect for law enforcement use. The battery can set on the shelf for more than 6 months without recharging.

Everyone knows, when you grab a battery operated device, the internal battery always requires several hours of charging before using. The new voltage indicator reads out voltage to one hundredth of a volt for accurate operation. The four outputs are: 2.1mm plug, Quick terminals, and Cigarette lighter jack & PT02. (Mil. Spec.) This model also allows powering 12Vdc sources while plugged in to 115Vac. �Its a UPS�