Digital Surveillance Camera Kit

    Camera Day & Night Vision - Video/Photo
Camera Day + Night Vision

Model: KSC-9350 Kit
  • Video + Photos
  • Battery Powered by camera
  • Gen III
  • CF Card Memory

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Specifications Sheet: Camera Day & Night Vision - Video/Photo

Enjoy shooting photos plus video all in one camera with Gen III night vision. Many departments have asked us how do we shoot still photos and video with the same camera. Now, that is possible with a new Canon camera. Keep it simple with this kit. Standard Canon EOS lenses can be used for long range or median range.

Kit comes with a 75 x 300 lens. Please call for other lenses.

And of course, you may simply remove the night vision tube and shoot as a standard camera. This kit comes in a standard Pelican case, Adapters, lens, camera, battery & charger.