Camera Kit

Body Worn Video Microwave Kit
body worn video microwave kit
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Model: KSS-BWMW-Kit
  • Covert Operation
  • Battery Powered
  • Button Hole Camera
  • Microwave Receiver W/recorder
  • Directional Receive Antenna
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KSS-BWMW-Kit Application Specification PDF file


This new surveillance system incorporates thelatest color button hole camera with our 16channel 1/4 watt video microwave transmitter. Using our unique power splitter, the video signal is split into two antennas, thus allowing video transmission in almost a 360 degree pattern.

The kit also includes our KSR-3575 video microwave receiver with a 9dBi antenna and 10' low loss cable. A universal antenna mount is also supplied with the receiver kit.