Surveillance Camcorder
Day/Night Digital Still Camera Kit
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Model: KSS-D10 Kit
  • Digital Camera - 12.5 Mega pixels
  • 160 to 640 MM Lens (interpolated)
  • 100 MW Laser with Mounting & Switch
  • 1 Memory Sticks
  • 1 Batteries
  • Pelican Case
Night vision sample
See additonal images samples below taken with and without night vision attachments.

This digital camera kit is the ultimate in still photography for surveillance applications. The new D10 digital camera has a pixel resolution up to 3.25 million pixels. The resolution may be adjusted downward for smaller photos. Each photo is numbered in the camera, so that when you insert a new memory card the numbering system continues and is not duplicated.

The 160 to 640 mm lens is optically stabilized and allows shooting from a hand held position except at 640 mm and above.

The 100 Mw laser comes with mounting bracket and 2 on/off switches for safety. An LED indicates when the laser is activated. The laser is dangerous within 50 feet.

The kit comes in a padded Pelican case with extra batteries and memory modules. Memory modules are available up to 1 GB.

Day Light Samples:
All photo's taken with the D10 digital camera (see our KSS-D10 Kit). The lens used is our KSL-100X400, and the laser used is our model 51/KSS. The camera is set at ASA 400 in the manual focus mode. The laser beam spreader may be used at shorter distances for close in surveillance work. This house is 3/4 mile away from the camera.

Click on any image to view a larger size of the image.
1 50  mm view
50 MM (80MM)


100 mm view
100MM (160MM)

3 400 mm view
400 MM (640MM)
4 Computer zoom at 400%
Computer Zoom to 400%
Night Vision Samples:
Click on any image to view a larger size of the image.
1 50 mm night vision
50 MM

2 50 mm with laser night vision
50 MM with Laser

3 160 mm night vision
160 MM with laser

640 MM

640 MM with Laser

640MM with Laser

Computer Zoom