Advanced Microwave Kit

  Narcotics Test Kit


Model# MFL-3000

  • Ruggedized Test Kit
  • Seconds to Identification
  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • 3000 + Drug ID's

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Specifications Sheet: Narcotics Test Kit


The new portable device from Advanced Covert Technology delivers unparalleled support for law enforcement professionals to perform presumptive tests on chemical substances while in challenging situations in the field. The ruggedized unit, using sophisticated patented technology, identifies prescription drugs within 15 seconds of analysis in just a three step process. With industry standard connections based off of Windows 7, the MFL- 3000 allows for easy communication to other computerized devices for date collaboration, record keeping and network communication to centralized operations. Furthermore, the comprehensive database of over 3,000 pharmaceutical drugs is constantly updated to ensure that there is an accurate matching of substances found to known FDA-approved drugs.