Advanced Microwave Kit

  Advanced Video Receiver Kit

   Advanced Video Receiver Kit
Model: KSR-3575 (E2 Shown)
E1 Version
E2 Version 
  • 8 Channel Receiver
  • 12Vdc Operation
  • LCD-TFT Color Monitor
  • 2 Audio Sub-Carriers
  • Digital-Hi-8 Recorder
  • Direct Video/Audio Recording
  • Portable
  • Optional built-in Camera Controller
  • Optional built-in control transmitter

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Specifications Sheet: Advanced Video Microwave - Receiver Kit.
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This kit contains an 8 channel video microwave receiver with a sensitivity of a -80dbm and has two audio sub-carrier channels of 6.0 & 6.5 Mhz. The 3 police frequencies are standard a long with DOJ and LASO and LAPD helicopter video down link channels.

The new Sony digital/Hi-8 recorder has been designed into the unit for high resolution recordings. As like all of our receiver kits, we provide direct video and audio input for local cameras. The video monitor has a direct output for a larger monitor, such as a TV set.

Options include a built-in camera controller. The E1 version includes a 16 button DTMF pad for camera control and the E2 version uses our new KSE-202 camera controller.