night vision

   IR Illuminators
   IR Illuminator - Long Range :
IR Illuminator - Long Range
Model: KSI-100
Here is an IR illuminator in the 860 nM range that really works with a multitude of present day cameras. The unit maybe modified for continues use and use an external battery.
One unique feature of this unit is the beam adjustor. The two controls adjusts both the elevation and the azimuth, which makes it easy to illuminate your target and keep the alignment with the camera.
The lens is adjustable for wide and narrow beam coverage. A switch on the unit provides high and low power operation. The pulse position will drive a person wearing night vision goggles bananas.
Yes, it also works on a sniper rifle.
Download - IR Illuminator - Long Range PDF file
   Portable 940 nm IR Light :

Model: KSIR-940
KSIR-960 IR Flashlight is a high-powered IR illuminator offering a variable beam from spot to flood. The IR power of the flashlight can be smoothly adjusted. KSIR-960 IR Flashlight operates in the remote field of the IR-range (960nm), invisible by the unaided eye. The KSIR-940 Flashlight is designed for use with digital night vision devices and recommended for use with all night vision tubes, digital NV cameras and Sony camcorders with “night shot”.

Download - Portable 940 nm IR Light PDF file