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    Tactical Audio Kit - Listen Through Walls
Tactical Audio Kit - Listen Through Walls

Model: TAK *
$ 3,200.00

*Kit shown above includes options and accessories which are not part of the base Kit. Please check for current prices.

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TAKô Tactical Audio Kit:
When the pressure is on, having the right tools at hand is essential! Hearing what is happening on the other side of a wall can provide the intelligence you need to safely conclude an incident. The TAK series of tactical audio kits have everything required to quickly deploy a through-thewall listening system. All of the kits are in a rugged Pelican case.


TA-17 The most versatile, efficient, fully automated stereo amplifier available. Drives two headsets plus line or transmitter feed to a mobile command post or recorder.

SWS Three mode silent wall scanner. Finds studs, metal, and live AC lines. Helps to safely place the microphones correctly.

PTM-22 Push-through microphone with hole starter. Hardened steel tip and special port design goes through plaster and wallboard without clogging. Removable tip for easy cleaning. Mic element is on the target side of the wall for best sound quality of any "spike mic".

PM-ITK Probe microphone with installation tool kit. Makes a practically invisible 1/16 inch hole with no protruding parts. Clog resistant port and element within one inch of the target side. Drill with stop collar goes through masonry and wood up to ten inches thick and stops in just the right place. Guide tube easily aligns mic with drilled hole.

UDM-23A Under door microphone with instant telescoping handle. Transparent sound tube is nearly invisible. Onboard amplifier drives the earphone included. Easy one handed operation leaves the other hand free.

CM-16 Small inconspicuous contact microphone with high energy transfer mounting tape for use in the corner of a window.

CM-30 High output wide band contact microphone with assorted mounting materials for both smooth and rough surfaces to insure greatest sound transmission. Best audio quality of any contact microphone available.

EM-8 Room microphone,small size, best intelligibility. Standard length is 25 feet. Available in any length and choice of black or beige color.

EC-100 Universal extension cable for all types of microphones. Standard is black, 100 feet, on a reel. Other lengths and colors available.

R-10 High efficiency closed headphones. These allow you to hear every detail, even in noisy situations.