Surveillance Van's

   Cameras and Lenses In Vans
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Periscope + hand controller KSC-232 camera, 10 X 310 lens, 15" 12VDC color monitor, & DVR with DVD burner 12VDC.

Price: $14,675.00
Includes shipping to all contiguous U.S.A.

   Medium Range Surveillance Lens:
mid range surveillance lens
This new surveillance camera lens was designed for 1/2" and 1/3" cameras. With an optical zoom range of 22X, this lens will be perfect for all types of surveillance senores. This lens will plug-in directly to our PTZ-357 where the zoom, focus, and iris can be remotely controlled. This lens is also compatible with our R/4 or R/5 periscope. Use our new KSC-111 low light camera for great night vision video.
A must for surveillance kits.

lens demonstration

Download - Specifications PDF file

   Long Range Surveillance Lens:
Long Range Surveillance Lens
Model: KSL-20X700
This new surveillance lens is perfect for in the city plus those long range meth labs way out in the distance. The F1.5 lens speed makes it ideal for those low light applications. If you long range camera is not stable enough, we suggest the new ILS-6000 video image stabilizer. When this lens is used in the R/4 or R/5 the QRM mount is required.
zoom lens examples

Download - Specifications PDF file

   Camera: Very Low Light:

Model: KSC-111

The new KSC-111 is the latest small controllable day/night camera on the market. With low light rating of .00001 lux, the camera maybe used in surveillance vans, drop cars & many applications.

You will be totally amassed at what you will see at night. Replace those Watec 902H and other similar cameras and up date your evidence collection capability.

This camera replaces the KSC-196
Download - Specifications PDF file

   Very Low Light Dynamic Noise Reduction Camera

Model: KSC-4550 - $495

Everything you ever wanted in a camera you have it with the KSC-4550. The wide dynamic range makes this camera ideal for many operations. The OSD display allows you to set the many camera features of the camera to the scenario or operation at hand.Back of camera The Privacy feature allows you to block off a part of the picture to allow a privacy area such as in a jail cell. The low light capability of the camera will allow you to observe scenes that only could be seen with cameras at 4 times the price or with a night vision tube.

Download - Specifications PDF file

    15" TFT LCD Flat Screen Monitor
LCD 15 inch flat screen monitor
Model: KSM-WDL-1500M
15" Monitor $450
19" Monitor $495
High Resolution 1024 x 768, Thin Cross Section - Less than 2.5" Deep Panel, Multiple Inputs - VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, Audio Inputs - Stereo (PC), Audio L/R, Audio Outputs - Speaker / Earphone, Contrast Ratio of 300:1, Brightness of 250cd, Wide Viewing Angle, Fast Response Time - 5ms / 20ms, On-Screen Menu Features, Power Supply Included. 12Vdc/115Vac.

View and Download Specifications Sheet
15" TFT LCD Flat Screen Monitor
File Size 194KB
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This new camcorder with our camera mounted laser can make night shots out to a 1/4Th. mile or more. It has a zoom range of more than 450X and records in Hi8. Additional, it has a built in printer that allows instant photos the size of a business card. Camera comes in kit form with extra batteries and pelican case. HD models also availabe.
   Board Cameras:
board cameras
Prices vary from $195 to $275
Board cameras are used for local surveillance around the van to protect the surveillance team in the blind areas. B/W or color cameras may be used. In many cases microphones installed into the tail and head lights will help in special circumstances. Our 12Vdc 4 camera multiplexer should be used with multiple cameras.