Surveillance Van's

   Miscellaneous Van Equipment
   Pan & Tilt with Front Pivot and Hand Controller PTZ-357:
pan and tilt camera

Front pivot Mount $395
Pan & Tilt $1,695
Our new front pivot camera mounting system and out direct control or remote control pan & tilt, make an ideal setup to shoot out of a very small hole in the side of the van or a small portion of a window.

  • Hand controller $495.
  • Include a 22X Zoom Color Camera (shown) with controller - $1,295/ KSC-22X.
  • Add the matching H18 Recorder - $1,295.
Download - KSC-22X Specification PDF file
color monitor
5.8" - $350
15" - $450

The new LCD-TFT monitor make it possible to operate in a van for several hours. They draw less power and emit less heat. We stock several models from 5.0 to 19" monitors. With built in speakers and volume control, outside microphones and radios may be wired directly to the monitor.

SPECIAL:  7” Color monitor NTSC/PAL 12 Vdc
While they last $100.00