Surveillance Van's

   Periscopes & Controller
   Periscope R/4:

Periscope: $6,781 - Controller: $855

Our 360 degree periscope is self rotation and completely water tight. An optional hand controller is available to control all functions of the periscope and zoom lens. Powered by 12Vdc, the unit rotates 360 degrees and extends from roof top to about 4 inches.


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Application Specification PDF file (230 KB)

   Periscope R/5:
periscope R5
Model: R/5

This new R/5 periscope is similar to the R/4 except the over all size has been reduced to give more clearance and room in the surveillance van. The mail advantage to the R/5 is that is uses slip rings so that no cables will wind up in remote operations.

The next advantage is the periscope doesn’t need to be raised all the way to get a great picture. Just raise it just enough to get your picture and view away. The new mirrors are of the highest quality. Flat within a 1/4 of a wave length. Thus, reducing distortion when zooming in on the target.

The new hand controller incorporates a joy stick for ease of operation. The camera mount will handle our new 15x3


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Application Specification PDF file

Periscope Wiring Diagram

   Remote Controller for Periscopes:

Model: KSPRC-100.0

The first remote control system of periscopes. This is designed to replace the standard hand controller for Intelliscopes with many added features. Compatible with any of our periscopes R/4 and R/5 and others upon request.

This new system allows full control of the periscopes pan & tilt, fan on/off, raise & lower, cameras zoom, focus & iris, and special functions that may be desired.


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Application Specification PDF file - NEW updates