Wireless Video Receiver

Video Surveillance Remote Control
The Video Pickup Truck Kit

Surveillance Vehicle
Model: Video Pickup
  • Enjoy Safe Surveillance
  • Park your van or car upto one mile away
  • Pan and Tilt with built-in DTMF Decoder and lens controller. Plus zoom lens.
  • Control Unit: 5 Watt Transmitter Control Receiver and Voltage Regulator
  • Our new camper shell made for your pick-up truck

Download - 4 Page PDF Specification File: 83KB

How The System Works:

The Decoy Car is a typical 4 x 4 truck with a camper shell. The above package is placed in the camper shell area with the pan and tilt, camera, and zoom lens mounted to the top of the shell. The windows may be covered with the IR glass for best results or tinted slightly. Curtains are also recommended. The battery supply will run the cameras for more than 24 hours.

The Receiver Package contains the video microwave receiver, monitor, recorder, antennas, and cables. The unit contains internal batteries which may be charged from 115Vac or through the 12Vdc auto cable. The recorder may record up to 2 hours on a single tape.

The Portable Transmitter may be one of your standard portables used in the department or one of ours that is equipped with a DTMF encorder pad. The multichannel radio may be used for other operations. The DTMF encoder sends signals to the control recover which allows the operator to pan, tilt, zoom, and focus the camera. The video signal from the video transmitter is then sent to the receiver in the surveillance vehicle where the operation may be recorded.

Portable Receiver Kit KSR-3650 E1:

Portable Receiver KitDirectional antenna Increases range two to four times. We have several Receiver kits available for this system. The above receiver is recommended because it reflects the latest receiver design using diversity receivers. Antennas are the most important part of all microwave systems, we recomment a omni antenna for the transmitter and a directional antenna for the receiver.

The "cop proof" camera control system come in two models. First the Touch Tone Pad (E1) concept and the E2 model that has basically uses a joy stick approach. Both work great, but the E2 version is more "cop proof" than the E1 encoder. The E1 encoder is shown above.

Price List:
All prices are subject to change without notice.
  Decoy (Remote unit) .

• Transmitter, 5 watt, KST-2/500
• Transmitter, 3 to 10 Watts, with audio $6,500.00
• Pan & Tilt, PTZ-357 $1,895.00
• Control Receiver, R357 $495.00
• Antenna, KSA-6-2450 $225.00
• Camera, Color, KSC-231S $560.00/yard
• Camera, Low light, B/W, KSC-902H $495.00/Hr
• Lens, 15 x 300mm $1,695.00
• Assembly, cables, cooling fan, wiring $475.00
• Batteries, 2ea, Odyssey Drycell, Solid Oak Case $750.00
• Charger $125
• Installation (add to systems price) $750.00
• Typical System Price plus installaton $8,450.00
  Portable Receiver & Control Unit
• KSR-3650 E1 Receiver package w/control transsmitter & encoder $7,995.00
• Optional Equipment
• Front Pivot Camera System $350.00
• Wall brackets for monitors $125.00
• IR Glass - (used in windows for daylight surveillance) $25.00/Sq. Foot
• Antenna, Receive/Transmit, High Gain KSA-14-2450 $225.00
• Add audio to microwave system No Charge
• Installation Call
• Video Motion Detector KSMD-1001 $595.00
• Window Covering Call
• Camper Shell Call
• Optional Hi-res recorder (ADD) $250.00